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Extended Education Materials

Welcome to the resources section for the 2022 Conference!

Below you will find information on ISRY - The Institute for Study of Resilience in Youth, our partner in this year's conference. In this section, there are also additional general resources posted to help provide further insight on the work that our presenters will be speaking about. Feel free to use them during the conference, to aid in background knowledge, and to use in your respective field once the conference has ended. If you have any additional educational information, tools, or resources that you would like to share with the conference and other attendees, please feel free to post them under the an affiliation in the groups discussion section of the website. 

Enjoy reading the materials, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Online Class

ISRY - The Institute for Study of Resilience in Youth

The Institute for Study of Resilience in Youth (ISRY) is a research lab at McLean Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School. We conduct evaluations, carry out research projects, develop tools, and convene leaders across research and practice. ISRY’s research examines the factors that impact the social-emotional wellbeing of youth and also the connection between science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the social-emotional competencies highlighted by the Clover model.

The research posted below is work that has been conducted by researchers with ISRY. 

Extended Education through Summer Programming: Allen, P.J., & Noam, G.G. (2021). Building resilience in youth through summer experiences: structured summer programming promotes social-emotional growth and school preparedness. National Summer Learning Association. 

After School Extended Education: Allen, P.J., Chang, R., Gorrall, B.K., Fukuda, E., Little, T., & Noam, G.G. (2019). From quality to outcomes: A National study of afterschool STEM programming. International Journal of STEM Education, (37), 1-21, 

Allen P.J. & Noam, G.G. (2021). Centering inclusivity and equity within family engagement in STEM [Internet]. NSF INCLUDES Coordination Hub. Case Study 1, Impactful family engagement requires strategic visioning and planning: lessons from the STEM family engagement planning tool pilot; p. 4-7. on 

Upcoming Training Tool:
Virtual Training: Social Emotional Learning Framework: Clover Model - Nov. 16, 1-3 PM ET

Participants will:

  1. Organize social emotional development in 4 accessible dimensions

  2. Apply the Clover Model to themselves and their youth work

  3. Discover how to use the Clover Model as a tool for promotion social-emotional balance


Target Audience:

This individual workshop is designed for teachers, after school educators, student support staff, and anyone interested in learning more about youth development.

Registration For The Training: Now Open! 

To Register, Click Here: 

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Additional Resources

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