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2022 Virtual Conference of the WERA-International Research Network in Extended Education 
Extended Education in Times of Crisis: Development, Learning, Thriving

Cambridge, MA
03-04 November 2022

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The Conference

The Conference

Powerful Presentations and Discussions
03 - 04 November
09:00 AM EST

The aim of the 2022 Virtual WERA-IRN in Extended Education Conference is to showcase and discuss extended education throughout the pandemic and the parallel crises of global warming, economic instability, and the war in Ukraine. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the fragility of school systems with school and afterschool closures and the onset of virtual learning. Throughout this time, the importance of a variety of social emotional skills including student engagement, resiliency and well-being were revealed. As schools returned to in-person learning, educators, youth workers, and administrators needed to prepare themselves for increased student mental health issues, decreased academic proficiency, and an influx of students who have experienced trauma. To address these issues, we must develop innovative, mixed-methods approaches to learning in hopes of caring for and educating students in this time of crises. This conference provides a platform for educational researchers and extended education professionals to collaborate and develop new strategies and approaches to learning, development, and thriving.

About WERA

What is WERA?

The World Education Research Association (WERA) is an association of national, regional, and international specialty research associations aimed at advancing education research as a scientific and scholarly field. Established on April 18, 2009 in San Diego, California. WERA aims to undertake initiatives that are global in nature and thus transcend what any one association can accomplish in its own country, region, or area of specialization. Member associations are resolved to work together to address such issues as building capacity and interest in education research, advancing education research policies and practices, and promoting the use and application of education research around the world. Information from the WERA website. For more information visit

Proud to present speakers from across the globe

Bruce Hurst: Melbourne, Australia

Kolbrún Pálsdóttir: Reykjavík, Iceland

Ben Krishner: Boulder, Colorado

Gil Noam: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Wolfram Rollett: Freiburg, Germany

Marlene Gras: Mexico City, Mexico

SangHoon Bae: Seoul, South Korea

Sample topics:​

  • Empowering the whole child

  • Assessing "risk" in after school progams

  • Engaging pre-adolescent children

  • Extended education beyond COVID-19 across the world

  • Community school learning during the pandemic

Virtual Team Meeting

Conference Collaboration

An important part of the conference is communication between participants. We will provide three venues throughout to facilitate this:

  1. Advice from senior scholars

  2. Peer discussion groups

    • Topics will include after school programming, social emotional learning, student well-being after covid-19, etc.

  3. Create your own discussion group

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